We zijn de uitdaging aangegaan om een korte film te maken van 60 sec! Omdat dit gewoon heel veel denkwerk vergt voor wat betreft het vormgeven van een verhaal, heb ik ervoor gekozen het zonder gesproken tekst te doen. Er is bijna geen tijd om personages voor te stellen en moet je direkt met de […]


Our micro shortfilm SENIOR CHEATER was awarded as best mini shortfilm of january at the ROLLING IDEAS in Bucharest….https://shorttothepoint.com/rolling-ideas-january-2024-awards/ We keep on pionering. That’s why we are shooting a new shortfilm at may the 5th. SINGLE TICKET! Have a wonderful day!!

MANEATER & the hungry farmer

This time another, sexy, crazy and fun shortfilm. With Wanda – played by Ingeborg Gravesteyn and Farmer Herman – played by Joeri de Bruin. I won’t say another word, watch and get surpised! Have fun!!

COUGAR | age is just a number

Dit weekeinde hebben we een nieuwe shortfilm opgenomen: COUGAR. Wat een leuke opnamedag was het, met super leuke en positieve acteurs en crew. Cast : Ingeborg Gravesteyn, Saskia vd Veeken en Emile Vinesh Kijk en geniet van een onverwachte situatie…. Veel plezier! At the end of the day we recorded a new short film: COUGAR. […]

DEADLINE | killing the writers block

A short crazy and mysterious shortfilm about Gwyneth who has a deadline and has to deliver her book soon, but she has serious writer’s block. Then something strange happens and creativity starts flowing incessantly. She starts to confuse reality and fantasy…. Cast: Brenda Goedhart als Gwynneth Nees de Bondt als Magere Hein Make Up Artist: […]


Last week we shot a micro short movie called Senior Cheater. it’s about a senior woman who explores the exciting world of chatting, while her husband is sleeping… With Ingeborg Gravesteyn as Size and Harald Krol as Henk It’s airing: Friday, December the 8th at 7:15 p.m. Hij gaat live op vrijdag 8 december om […]

Honorable mention

We are so proud to have received an Honorable Mention for INNERCITY at the Vienna International Filmfestival. This is an annual filmfestival in the capital of Austria. Our film was not a winner, but the jury found it so good that they decided to give it a honorable mention.

Monthly winner at AsianIFF INDIA

Little helper has won two prices for Best Shortfilm and Best Director at the AsianIFF in INDIA. We are now competing for the annual AWARD in Calcutta! Thanks to all who made this possible;) We keep on pioneering and creating new films…


In the meantime we have made two new shortfilms: INNERCITY & LITTLE HELPER. Innercity has been competing in several filmfestivals and is doing very well. Little Helper I have co-written with the German Actress Lydia Leist who also plays the part of Vicky in this production. Please have a look! Enjoy!! We like to hear […]


Geweldig nieuws! Onze korte serie is op twee festivals in de prijzen gevallen. Op het Andromeda Festival hebben wij 3 awards gewonnen: Best Thriller, Best Editing en Best Actress (Brenda Goedhart) Op het Europe Film Festival UK Best Editing Deze zijn natuurlijk voor ons allemaal. Filmmaken doe je als team.. Ik zeg; Goed Bezig!! ENG […]