Often we compete at International Filmfestivals with our shortfilms. So we are soooo proud to display some of our great recognitions!

“TRUE COLORS” is Charles Dekker’s short film that delicately explores themes of justice, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love. Set against a backdrop of decades, the story unfolds with a heartwarming twist that challenges the notions of fate and redemption.

The film centers around a man who, after surviving a life-altering hit-and-run accident, has become disillusioned with humanity’s capacity for compassion. His faith shattered, he lives a solitary life, nursing his wounds both physical and emotional. However, fate has a curious way of weaving its threads, as he crosses paths with a woman who captivates his heart. As their connection deepens, he discovers an unexpected truth: she is the very person who was responsible for the accident that shattered his life.

“TRUE COLORS” presents a heartwarming story that effectively tugs at the audience’s emotions. Despite its modest budget, the film showcases remarkable acting that adds authenticity to the characters’ journey. While the production stretches its limitations, it’s clear that the team poured considerable effort into bringing the story to life.

The film’s editing choices might leave viewers puzzled at times, occasionally taking them out of the immersive experience. However, the human touch in direction shines through, as the narrative successfully unfolds, capturing the essence of the characters’ emotions and dilemmas. The pacing, tailored for a 40-minute duration, maintains engagement and avoids unnecessary drag.

Though the atmosphere and cinematography could have been more stylized to enhance the visual impact, the writing stands out with its cleverness. The story manages to grip the audience, even though seasoned viewers might see the twist coming after the mid-point. This doesn’t significantly diminish the film’s impact, as it’s the emotional journey and character development that remain the focal points.

“TRUE COLORS” exudes promise despite its budget limitations. Charles Dekker’s skill shines through, hinting at what could be achieved with more resources. The film’s emotional impact and storytelling prowess leave us eagerly anticipating the director’s next work, envisioning the wonders they could create with a larger canvas.