Dear colleague Creative,

Filmmaking is our passion and as Dutch indie filmmakers we know how hard it can be to create an audience for our shortfilm(s).

That’s why we have invested a lot of energy in our website. We are also putting a lot of effort in building an audience, so as (short)filmmakers we can increase our visibility and show the result of our hard work!

Will you help us get more attention for your and our films and build this platform by listing your short film(s) for FREE (of course)?

Have fun watching and filmmakers, keep up the great work!

That’s why I’ve invested in this website.

Have fun watching and filmmakers, keep up the great work!

We will be delighted to list your shortfilm(s)!



We like shortfilms but what we don’t like are: discriminating, commercial, pornographic, violent, abusive & offending films. They will not be shown on our website! Be sure you own all the rights for shown footage and audio. We reserve the right not to allow films if they do not fall within the vision of our website.

Every shortfilm will be screened by us after submitting! You agree with our terms.

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