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THE SHED - short horror

Every year, around halloween, I tend to make a short horror for fun. This year it’s all about Tom. He,s waiting for his wife Susan to come home. He falls asleep while waiting at home. Someone calls, a strange voice asked him to make a decision… Then Tom’s life changes drastically … Just Watch (18+)


Everyone knows someone in their environment or family who is confronted with a  form of breastcancer. Then suddenly everything is different. It’s just about health. What used to be so obvious is no longer the case. Outside of all possible treatments and hospital visits, you get an annoying feeling of insecurity and confidence in your own body can drop to a low point.


One Way Street is a film about a man who abruptly loses his partner, ends up in a vicious circle and is pulled down into this spiral. At the absolute lowest point, he resorts to hard drugs to ease his pain. This gives him a special hallucination.

Will the drugs be his liberation? Or will it be a ONE WAY STREET?

I chose this location because the Berlin Wall perfectly embodies the feeling of being trapped and fleeing to redemption.

The roles of Josy and Simon are played by resp. Shiela van Schagen and Robert Boerleider. The music and sounds were made especially for this film by Jonathan Napier as N91 MUSIC from Atlanta (Georgia) I think we can be quite proud of the result together!


The first meeting with Beau’s mother-in-law doesn’t go so well for boyfriend Leo. Alex (the mother-in-law) belittles and ignores Leo and isn’t very nice to the couple.

How does that develop? Look quickly!

For our shortfilms I was constantly looking for music and sounds.  Via social media I met Jonathan Napier and he was so kind to provide, self composed music, for our films Blind Faith & One Way Street. He’s been a great help to to give the films more strength and impact by creating great custom music.

So, when you’re a filmmaker and looking for great scores? Feel free to contact him.

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